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Best SEO Trends to Improve your Site’s Ranking This Year

If there is one thing in the marketing world that is changing a high rate, SEO must be it. One of the top reasons for the many changes is to allow web crawlers give better results to the searchers. If you are a business owner with an active website, it is normal to look for the best SEO tools. It is one of the proven methods of growing your enterprise. Your enterprise can reach more people when it is properly optimized. People who own websites for whatever purpose need to embrace new SEO trends that will bump up their visibility. Check out these latest SEO trends you can implement on your websites.

First on the list of top trends SEO techniques is accelerated mobile pages. With the rising use of mobile phones for almost everything, searching the web on the phone has become very common. AMP is the new standard that Google developed to help developers build better mobile sites over time. AMP allows developers to create a lighter and simpler form of HTML. With AMP, web pages on your website get to load faster by limiting information displayed. Since more mobile surfers want to surf at a higher speed to get the information they need, search engines are prioritizing this with AMP and so implementing this means more visibility for your website.

Use of voices to search over the internet is common today. For that reason, optimizing your website content to ensure that it can be picked by the SEO crawler is the best move that will ensure your site does not get ignore. Beyond that, you must make the smart move of optimizing your content for users and being able to predict their intentions. SEO today is not just about the keywords only, make an effort to analyze and investigate the intent of the users so that every search results in meaningful answers for your visitors.

This is also a very good time to make use of structured data markup on your website. This will go a long way in increasing the crawler friendliness of your site which is an important Google on-site ranking factor. SEO allows artificial intelligence to functions optimally across the web. With machine learning, web crawlers can easily find information on your website. Using structured data markup as an SEO tool, one can easily describe things and properties on the website. Ignoring structured data markup only makes one’s websites unfriendly to search engines. Search engines are also not able to acquire useful information from the website which reduces its overall ranking. While there is no silver bullet for SEO, the right tools and techniques can get you ranking top on the search engines.

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